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Below is a list of current KPTZ programs, DJs and hosts with short descriptions.
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DJ Host Email (Live On-Air): [email protected]

All Over the Map / Kurt Munnich

All Over the Map airs Thursdays 8-10pm Says Kurt, “There’s a lot of music out there; I try to share the music that moves me. Listen for interesting rhythms and strong emotions. You’ll hear a wide variety of music on my show: New Orleans; world; blues; gospel; jazz; funk; folk; bluegrass; klezmer and more. Thanks […]

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Attention Please! / Team

Airing noon to 12:30pm, and repeating 5-5:30pm on Mondays and noon to 12:30pm on Saturdays, this feature program gives voice to upcoming events and campaigns of interest to the listening community, through interviews with sponsoring organization spokespersons. Interviews are conducted by rotating KPTZ hosts Jim Burke, Phil Andrus, Larry Stein, and Steve Evans.

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Beach Rumble / Ruby Fitch

Fresh finds, deep cuts, and extended instrumentals. Saturdays 4-6pm. Ruby Fitch was born in Port Townsend. She is the Programming Lead at KPTZ. Email Ruby at: [email protected]

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Blue Room / C-Dub

The Blue Room with C-Dub, Saturdays from 11pm to Midnight. Music to take you into the late night. Only the most premium electronic music from the 90s and into the future. Tune in for downtempo, ambient, house, techno, breaks, dub, and more. Email C-Dub at [email protected]

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Blues Journey / Taylor Clark

Each week, Taylor Clark retreats to his Island Fortress of Solitude ‎on Whidbey where he carefully selects and reviews the soulful music he needs for Blues Journey, heard each Thursday afternoon from 1 to 3pm on KPTZ. While the music is picked with a critical ear, Taylor loves the process of live radio, particularly the […]

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Booklovers’ Cafe / Cris Wilson

Tuesdays at 12:10pm and Sundays at 12pm Booklovers’ Cafe airs Tuesday at 12:10pm right after calendar and Sundays at noon. Join Cris as she interviews authors from the northwest and more. Discover fascinating people and great reads!You can contact Cris here.You can listen to past Book Lovers’ Cafe shows at KPTZ’s podcast page.

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Boxed Chocolates / The Briceman

The Briceman, aka Brice Embree says, “My love for music goes back to early childhood and I am grateful to share my diverse collection with the listeners at KPTZ. From rock & roll to blues, jazz, bluegrass, world music and yes even some country thrown in I try to enhance your listening pleasure with my […]

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Bring Your Records / Larry Stein

Larry says, “I’ve been making public radio for almost 30 years, and it has never been as much fun as at KPTZ. Mostly I’ve been an interviewer, trainer and producer of information/arts/performance/news programming. Before KPTZ I never had the opportunity to play music for our listeners. Now I’m hooked. “I absorbed the “eclectic” style from […]

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Broadway Showtime / Don White

Don says, “When I was nine and lived in New York, my mother took me to my first Broadway musical. It was Oklahoma. It was thrilling. I fell in love with musicals. I went to more, and fell deeper in love. When we moved to Los Angeles, I used to go to the the national […]

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Buzzy Donahue Show / Buzzy Donahue

The Buzzy Donahue Show airs Fridays 9-11am and Wednesdays 1-3pm. Says Buzzy, “We are so lucky to have our own community radio station here in Port Townsend. Radio is a powerful medium that connects people with the place where they live and the rest of the world. I love radio, I’m a radio baby. I […]

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Cats in Our Laps / Phil Andrus

Cats in Our Laps, hosted by Phil Andrus presents two hours of music, short readings, and conversation. Open to humans and cats of all ages and critters of all species. On Sundays from 8-10pm.  You can email Phil at email: [email protected] 

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Classic Jazz / Art Douglas

Art is a Viet Nam Veteran and a lifelong music lover. He has practiced his electronic skills setting up radio stations all over the country. Now, he records his Classic Jazz show for KPTZ in his home studio. Being deaf, he uses multiple computers to show him the sound and when to flip the switches. […]

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Coastal Café / Aaron Barnett and MaryAnn Wagner

Find out what’s happening along our shorelines and coast. Coastal Café explores cutting-edge marine science and related topics with researchers, policy experts, and people who live and work on the Washington coast. Hosts Aaron Barnett and MaryAnn Wagner bring you the latest in marine news. From predicting ocean weather and removing derelict fishing gear to the art […]

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Compass / Steve Evans

Note: KPTZ’s Compass is on hiatus until later in 2022. KPTZ’s Compass is your local radio news magazine, its name carefully chosen to convey the unpredictability of the directions or stories you might find when you tune in at Saturdays at noon or Mondays at noon or 5pm . Also like a compass, the stories […]

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Dance Party in your Living Room / Caleb Peacock

Caleb Peacock, aka Captain Peacock DJs Dance Party in your Living Room Saturday evenings 8-10 p.m. You can contact Caleb at [email protected]

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Deeper Blues / Chicago Bob Longmire

Deeper Blues is a time set aside for an in-depth focus on various aspects of blues culture: performers, styles, social issues and more, with about 2/3 music and 1/3 stories of background and context. Every Tuesday at 7pm we will focus on a different performer or topic for an hour to enjoy learning more of […]

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Disco Geezer / Pete Lack

Disco Geezer (aka Pete Lack) crafts a perfect union of 70s disco, 80s dance- and floor-shaking House. Disco Geezer is blazing down the boogie trail to thrill the many funk soul brothers and synth pop sisters who hunger for those days when it was cool to shake your booty and get down on it. Tune […]

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Discovery Road / Tim Quackenbush

Join Tim from 9:30-11am Thursday mornings for Discovery Road. Says Tim, “I think it’s so groovy now, that people are finally getting together….If I have one regret, it is my inability to grow a decent beard.” You can contact Tim at [email protected]

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Early Music / Don Landstra

Early Music airs Sundays from 9 to 10am and 7-8pm Sundays.  Says Don: “Like many of us, I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to music. I dug R&B as a kid. In the 60s; Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, etc. From Folk to Celtic to Lightning Hopkins to Ernest Tubb in the 70s. I heard my […]

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Everybody Can / Missy Nielsen

Missy Nielsen has worked in the nonprofit sector over the past 20 years, from leading a social services organization for expatriate families while living in China, to driving development efforts for an afterschool STEM program. Her work consistently focuses on helping others thrive and grow, thus her passion for volunteerism. With a degree in Human […]

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Exploring Music / Tigran Arakelyan

Exploring Music with Tigran Arakelyan, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Port Townsend Symphony. From Tigran: Although my passion and work are in classical music, I enjoy a wide variety of genres. Growing up in post-Soviet Armenia and Los Angeles, I was exposed to genres ranging from folk, jazz and pop to rock, classical, hip-hop […]

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Free Spin & ReSpin / Ron McElroy

Free Spin airs Fridays 5-7pm. Ron McElroy says: The dictionary defines free as loose, able to move in any direction and spin as a ride, as in an automobile. I named my program Free Spin because I’d like to take you all on a musical ride to some of my favorite places. Join me for […]

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Friday Night Blues / Barney Burke

Barney’s been hosting the Friday Night Blues since KPTZ’s first broadcast in 2011. A long time blues fan, he’s been to not one or two but all three graves of legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson, plus more Centrum Blues Fests than he can remember. You’ll hear all kinds of blues each week, from West Memphis […]

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Interstellar Underwear/DJ Mars

An exhilarating trip around the rock ’n’ roll universe, Interstellar Underwear is the cheeky name of the weekly radio program hosted by DJ Mars (aka Marsh Gooch). You’ll hear classic, garage, punk, and psychedelic rock from the 1960s until now, mixed with rock outliers like reggae/dub, doo wop, and more to make it a unique […]

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Jazz Notes / Bill Mercier

Bill was originally an East Coast guy. He was born and grew up in New Jersey, and has lived in New York, Maryland and Indiana before moving to Port Townsend in 2014. He’s been on the air at KPTZ doing the Jazz Notes program since 2015. He’s been a fan of jazz since college, starting […]

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KPTZ Goes to the Opera / Colin Foden

Hello, my name is Colin Foden. I’d like to invite you to listen to some opera. Each month KPTZ Goes to the Opera to preview the upcoming live from the New York City Metropolitan Opera performances at the Rose, the Seattle Opera, or simply to enjoy the best that Opera has to offer. As I […]

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Midlife Crisis Dance Party / Ray Serebrin

Ray Serebrin began working at KRAB-FM in Seattle in 1969 and was involved in community radio on and off until joining KPTZ in 2012. Ray’s program, the Midlife Crisis Dance Party, is a mixture of music, vaguely annoying comments, and hallucinatory features. Ray worked in libraries for 40 years, starting as a janitor and finishing […]

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Morning on the Salish / Chris Bricker

Morning on the Salish airs every Tuesday morning from 9:30 to 11am. An actor and performer for many years, Chris Bricker graduated from California State University, San Jose with a B.A. in Theater Arts. After travels around Europe for a year, he did a stint at KTAO FM radio in Los Gatos CA as a […]

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Music from that Cardboard Box / Donn Trethewey

Donn Trethewey grew up in a home filled with classical music. And music from Chuck Berry and Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and Elvis what’s-his-name. All kinds of music. Still, it all still makes perfect sense. Bartok, Berry, The Beach Boys, and Beethoven, and Gavin Bryars . . they all work together. It was easy to […]

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Music to Drink Coffee to / Al Bergstein

Al Bergstein hosts Music To Drink Coffee To on Wednesdays at 8am. His radio experience started in high school where, after hosting a late night show on Fridays, he was fired for playing Jimi Hendrix’s version of the National Anthem. He has been a professional photographer, filmmaker, writer, amateur musician, and he spent 25 years […]

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Music to My Ears / Dalana

Wednesdays from 4 to 5pm it’s Music To My Ears with a repeat Saturdays at 1pm – which means I play music from multiple genres and generations. Music that moves me to dance, cry, laugh, think, get goosebumps, reminisce, or to join in with harmony. You can expect to hear everything from the Mills Brothers […]

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Musical Chairs/Lizzz

“Round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows. But when the music stops, be sure to grab your chair so you can stay in the game.” Often times during Musical Chairs you are bound to hear an eclectic mix of Soul, Rap, R&B, Punk, Metal, Noise, Retro and hints of classic rock.  Always looking toward […]

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Nature Now / Team

Left to Right: Paul Ruben, Mary Robson, Debaran Kelso, Nan Evans (seated) KPTZ’s Nature Now presents eclectic and authentically local news, insights and observations about the natural world around us. Anything that grabs the attention of the Nature Now team can be heard on these weekly shows: birds and bees, flowers and trees, the weather […]

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Old Time Radio / Bill Putney and Friends

Bill Putney, Donn Trethewey and Toni Vincent together bring you Old Time Radio on Sundays from 5-7pm, the best of radios’s Golden Age. Bill grew up in “The Valley” of Los Angeles and started listening while he fixed discarded vacuum tube radios – listening late into the night with the glow of the radio on […]

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Our Town / Maryanne McNellis

Our Town airs Tuesdays from noon to 12:30 and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6 pm. Host Maryanne McNellis has worked for the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Business Week Magazine and several other American publications. She lived in Canada for many years and edited The Financial Post, the Canadian equivalent of the Wall […]

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Out of Nowhere / Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson is a lifelong music lover and collector, and closet noodler on guitar, banjo, and drums. He started Out of Nowhere many years ago with the encouragement of Bill Kiely and Phil Andrus, and with tutelage from Mike Schleckser and Nora Petrich. A Port Townsend resident since 1979, he has had the benefit of […]

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Plugged-In Planet / Susan Bublitz

Now on Saturdays from 9am to 11am. Time to rewind…With vintage KPTZ programming. All-original episodes hosted by Susan Bublitz. This is where the world’s ancient music collides with modern studio wizardry, all expressed in a deluge of grooves, tunes and little ditties. Be prepared to have your hair blown back! Music that spans the globe, […]

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Progressive Tracks / Mike Pollack (DJ Mike)

Progressive Tracks airs Mondays, 9 to 10 pm. Says DJ Mike, aka Mike Pollack: Having an older sister (Elvis era) and brother (Beatles era), I started loving music at an early age. But when I first heard Ian Anderson growl those famous lyrics from “Aqualung” (“Snot is running down his nose……greasy fingers….smeary, shabby clothes.”) I […]

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Radio Kilombo / David Bonobo & DJ Brazil Nut

Radio Kilombo curates the Earth’s finest collection of seductive African and Afro-Latin grooves. The selections are three parts club culture, one part roots culture, and all parts positive. From Global Bass to Afro-Latin Folkloric to Rare Groove, join us for our weekly convocation, hear the story of the rhythms, and let the music stir your soul! […]

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Rhythm Connection / Robert Ambrose

Rhythm Connection transports listeners to cultures around the world, through incredibly diverse music from the African diaspora. Since its 1993 inception in Alaska, Robert has presented fresh music every week to make you dance or bring you solace, or both. Email Robert.

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Roots & Twang / Karen Anderson

Fridays from 3-5pm Roots & Twang is your weekly dose of Country, Roots and Americana music hosted by Karen Anderson, the “Truck Driver’s Daughter.”  Karen brings a diverse mix of artists you won’t hear on commercial Country radio stations, and breaks the stereotypes of the genre with her eclectic musical selections. Some listeners say, “It’s […]

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Sing It, Sister! / Ellen Bonjorno

From 11am to noon each Saturday, KPTZ airs Sing It, Sister!  Ellen Bonjorno has been a dance & party DJ for over 30 years, and has always enjoyed introducing her audience to music they may never have heard, putting those “new” songs together with classics we all know and love. Inspired years ago by 2 […]

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Song Club Radio Hour / Joel Myers

Song Club Radio Hour is a show where participants are given a randomly selected song title along with a combination of three prompts and parameters. Using these guidelines, they have one week to write and record a song. Host Joel Myers compiles all of the submissions and the resulting show is a magical potluck of […]

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Stringband Theory / Dave Long

Dave Long comes to KPTZ with more than 25 years of community radio experience, all volunteer. Dave’s musical passion is to share traditional styles and sources revolving around fiddle music. Stringband Theory is an eclectic mix of traditional songs, ballads, hoedowns, and dance music from Celtic lands, Canada, Appalachia, and all across the US. Listen […]

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Under 10 / Dr. Jessica Tartaro

Under 10: A Mini Intimacy Podcast with Dr. Jessica Tartaro is the podcast KPTZ airs weekly on Thursdays in the 5pm hour, beginning in sequence on 10/29/21. Each of these free episodes includes an intimacy tool you can practice immediately to grow your feelings of connection across all your relationships. To access all of Dr. Jessica’s […]

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Unlaced Strings / Gail Pruitt

Gail Pruitt and Robin Ditzler take turns on Unlaced Strings which airs Sunday 10am to noon. Says Gail, “It became clear at an early age I wasn’t a child prodigy or genius. And the prognosis hasn’t changed, though I’m still working 50 years later at becoming a child prodigy. My mother did say I showed […]

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Unlaced Strings / Robin Ditzler

All throughout her personal and professional life, Robin has rarely claimed to be an expert at anything, but she often knows a little bit about a lot of different things. The same holds true with Classical Music – she may not be an expert, but she knows what she enjoys listening to.  And she also […]

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Vinyl Village and Class Reunion / Jerry Osborne

As far back as he can remember, Jerry Osborne has proudly stated “music is my life.” And he isn’t kidding. His desire to play music on the radio became a reality in 1961, when he became the DJ at his high school in Los Angeles. Three years later, he got his first full-time (and paying!) […]

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WordSongs/DJ WAS

Ward Serrill (DJ WAS) is a filmmaker and writer whose first love is radio. Imagine a radio show dedicated to good lyrics no matter the style. Tune in to WordSongs, every Friday afternoon from 1-3, where the poetics of song matters.   You can contact Ward at [email protected]

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