Vinyl Village / Jerry Osborne

As far back as he can remember, Jerry Osborne has proudly stated “music is my life.” And he isn’t kidding. His desire to play music on the radio became a reality in 1961, when he became the DJ at his high school in Los Angeles. Three years later, he got his first full-time (and paying!) radio show on KREO in Indio CA. Over the next 24 years he climbed the ladder to major markets and top-rated stations like Sacramento (KXOA), San Francisco (KYA), and Phoenix (KNIX-FM and KOOL-FM).

Jerry Osborne’s Vinyl Village is his Wednesday show from 7-8pm for 2019 and beyond. As the name implies, Jerry focuses on the original Vinyl Era – the 1940s to the 1980s – but he will expand those parameters in both directions when necessary.

Listeners can participate via a Facebook Message or Email Jerry. Just say you’d like to pick one. We’ll contact you, record your request, and you’ll be on the show.

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