Unlaced Strings / Gail Pruitt and Robin Ditzler

Gail Pruitt and Robin Ditzler take turns on Unlaced Strings which airs Sunday 10am to noon. Says Gail, “It became clear at an early age I wasn’t a child prodigy or genius. And the prognosis hasn’t changed, though I’m still working 50 years later at becoming a child prodigy. My mother did say I showed interest in music at a very early age by humming with the blender, harmonizing with its high wheeze as the eggs and flour were mixed. That’s not music aptitude, that’s just plain weird in my book. What you might want to know about me is I love all music, but especially classical music for its ability to so perfectly express all human experience and emotions, joy, sorrow, angst, love, and all those we can’t identify or don’t know we’re feeling. In putting together a show each week, it’s my goal to find something – whether it be a fiery, complicated piece by Shostakovich or a simple Bach Adagio – that will touch you in ways you don’t expect or reminds you and me about the common, yet distinct journey we’re taking as humans.” Email Gail.