Interstellar Underwear/DJ Mars

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An exhilarating trip around the rock ’n’ roll universe, Interstellar Underwear is the cheeky name of the weekly radio program hosted by DJ Mars (aka Marsh Gooch). You’ll hear classic, garage, punk, and psychedelic rock from the 1960s until now, mixed with rock outliers like reggae/dub, doo wop, and more to make it a unique journey worth taking. Listen a few times and you might even be able to say Interstellar Underwear without wincing!

DJ Mars is known to his relatives and friends alternately as Mars, Marsh, or Marshall, he’s originally from California but has lived the majority of his life here in the Evergreen State. Marshall has DJ’ed at KCMU Seattle (the pre-KEXP college radio station) and at KJET Seattle. He lives with his partner, Barbara, and their three cats in Chimacum, and writes a music blog called

You can contact Mars at [email protected].