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Clicking the play button below will start the KPTZ stream in most web browsers

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You can also use one of the following streams in a media player such as iTunes, VLC, or Windows Media Player. (See below for more information and help.)

Additional Information and Help

Desktop/Laptop Computers

KPTZ is a sprout in the worldwide Radio Garden! Tune in from any place on the globe: Zoom in to Listen Live. Help grow our dot by making KPTZ a Favorite.


If you have iTunes set as your default audio player, you can use the AAC stream or MP3 stream to listen to KPTZ live in iTunes. If when you click on one of the streaming links your browser downloads a file instead of starting the stream, you can open the downloaded file in iTunes to begin the stream.

Alternatively you can:

  1. Right-click either the AAC stream or MP3 stream and choose “Copy Link Location”
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Click File and then Open Stream
  4. Paste the stream URL into the URL box, then click “OK”

Windows Media Player

To listen to the KPTZ stream in Windows Media Player, you can use the Windows Media Player stream. Depending on the configuration of your computer you may be prompted to do one of two things:

  1. Choose an application to play the stream. If this occurs, choose Windows Media Player as the application to play the stream.
  2. Save the file. If this occurs, save the file, and then choose “Open” in the download bar in your browser, or double-click the saved file to open it. If you are prompted to choose an application to open the file, choose Windows Media Player.

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media Player is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux, and can stream either the AAC stream or MP3 stream. If when you click on the link the a file downloads instead of the stream starting, you can open the downloaded file in VLC to begin the stream.

Alternatively, you can do the following:

  1. Right-click the link to the AAC stream or MP3 stream and choose “Copy link location”
  2. Open VLC
  3. Click “Media” and then “Open Network Stream”
  4. Paste the link to the stream in the Network URL box
  5. Click the Play button

Mobile Devices

The Radio Garden Live free app is available at app stores, and will remember KPTZ as a Favorite for streaming.

KPTZ is available to stream via the TuneIn app, available in the Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores for your device.

TuneIn is also available on Roku, many smart TVs, and other devices. Check the TuneIn web site for a complete list of platform availability.

After installing TuneIn, launch the app and search for KPTZ, and then follow KPTZ to keep it in your list of favorite stations.