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The Bishop Hotel

Biquette Interiors

Volunteer Interest Form

  • We need a very large and diverse group of people with talents, experience, and a willingness to learn new skills to operate an effective community radio station. Please take a few moments to complete this form. The more thorough you can be, the better job we can do matching you to the volunteering activities you would most enjoy.
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  • Employer History

  • Do you know that your employer might send us FREE MONEY if you volunteer? Here at KPTZ, we consider every minute you give us a valuable gift from you to us, and certain employers do too! These employers are often willing to make a "Matching Gift" in cash that reflects the value of the time you spend volunteering. Please enter the name of your employer below so we can check if you are eligible for a match! Or, help us out even more by checking our online lookup tool and print the necessary forms yourself: (This link will load in a new window/tab.)
  • Questions/Comments?

  • Feel free to include any questions or comments.
  • KPTZ Volunteer Agreement

  • I understand that as a volunteer: -I am not an employee and I have no rights as an employee. -I must follow all applicable federal, state, and local laws and any applicable regulations. I agree to protect all KPTZ resources, assets, information and community goodwill. I agree to: -Read and follow all KPTZ policies and FCC rules. -Never leave the station unattended. -Never promote myself or any outside event using KPTZ's name or logo without permission from station management. -Never enter into any contract on behalf of the station.
  • NOTE: Effective 7/1/21, KPTZ requires all volunteers to be Covid-19 fully vaccinated.