Pi Day Never Sounded or Tasted This Good!

Genevieve Barlow, Chris Bricker, and Jim Burke outside the Mountain View station. (Photo by Barney Burke)

Tuesday 3-14 is Pie Day. Whether you think of “pie” as 3.14 or as a yummy dessert, Pie Day at KPTZ will be worth tuning into! From 7:30am until 10pm, there will be all kinds of sweet programming.  KPTZ’s Tuesday regulars will also be on hand, to tell you why we appreciate your support AND to pitch PIES! That’s right, there will be an ACTUAL PIE awarded each hour to a station donor. Keep your eyes – and ears – on the Pies, Tuesday March 14 on KPTZ. With special programming, music and more, it’ll be a sur-PIE-singly great day to show your support for your community radio station, KPTZ… where the “P” stands for PIE.