Wooden Boat Festival Live Broadcast Saturday 12noon-4pm

Photo: Tom Hall

After a two-year hiatus of in-person festivities, KPTZ is thrilled that the Wooden Boat Festival is back! The 45th Annual Wooden Boat Festival takes place September 9-11, in and around Point Hudson and the NW Maritime Center. KPTZ will be broadcasting live from the festival on Saturday from noon to 4pm. KPTZ’s broadcast will be at the Wee Nip Bar, at the tip of Point Hudson. All are welcome to the festivities.

Broadcast highlights include:
12:00 – Phil Andrus with Barb Trailer, WBF Festival and Events Director
12:10 – Carla Main Combo:  Carla Main, vocals; Jim Oliver, guitar; Dirk Anderson, bass
12:50 – Interview: Diana Talley on the growing presence of women in all aspects of the marine trades
1:00 – Tania and Mike Opland, Vocals and instrumentals on variety of ancient instruments
1:45 – Interview: Dennis and Pat McGuire on “The Log of Calypso”, interviewed by Chris Bricker
2:00 – Bobbi Nikles and Sue Thompson, vocals, fiddle and guitar
2:45 – Interview: Alex Wilken, Seattle Boat Works, by Jim Burke
3:00Interview: Susan Conrad, kayak adventures
3:15 – Kristin and Otto Smith, concertina, fiddle and guitar

This is the biggest festival of its kind, with thousands of attendees and hundreds of wooden boats to explore.  More information is at