Community Tides ~ 4/15

On alternate Fridays during the noon hour, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and co-host Siobhan Canty, President and CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, meet to discuss new developments, new paradigms, and the new normal, as we roll into the months ahead. The Chimakum People, who lived in the Chimacum Creek watershed, had been widely considered extinct and written out of history. In fact, however, there are many Chimakum descendants.
We speak with one of those descendants, Naiomi Kreinke, who has a very special dream that is slowly becoming a reality – a community gathering place in the form of a traditional Longhouse. We also speak with two allies with the Chimakum – photographer, designer, and writer Kerry Tremain and photographer Brian Goodman, who were prime movers in creating a book and exhibit of portraits of contemporary Chimakum families and elders. Opportunities to view the exhibit are at Chimacum High School on April 23 and May 28 from Noon to 2pm.