Through Science to Health ~ 1/28/22

In this special edition of Through Science to Health, we revisit two graduates of Port Townsend High School who have chosen the medical profession for their careers. We spoke with both of them back in November of 2020. 
Jesse Maupin began his work as a Hospitalist at the University of Wisconsin Medical Hospital during the thick of the COVID-19 Pandemic two years ago. He’s now working as a Fellow in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Washington Hospital. This summer he joins the staff at UW Medical Center Northwest.
Will Bringold is still a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellow at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison. In addition to his clinical duties, he takes care of people in the ICU with both COVID and non-COVID related severe illness. He’s in his final 5 months of training and will be starting his position at Tacoma General Hospital this summer.
Jesse and Will bring their frank and sincere perspectives on their experiences during the last few years as Residents and then Fellow during these difficult times.