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Dear KPTZ Family and Supporters,

It’s hard to believe that we are approaching two full years of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic that has been so disruptive to what was “normal life.” As I write this letter, COVID-19 deaths in the United States are about to surpass 750,000, a staggering number and the greatest catastrophe suffered by this country. Practically every family has been touched by this tragedy, including mine, and yet instead of national mourning, we face a potentially unending pandemic fueled by misinformation.

Since the very beginning of the pandemic, KPTZ has been a shining light of truth and insight for our community.

Veteran journalist Charlie Bermant’s singlehanded effort to initiate local daily news reports augmented our excellent, ongoing informational programming. Our exceptional pivot to incorporate weekly broadcasts of Dr. Locke’s (now Dr. Berry’s) COVID-19 updates to county commissioners, as well as providing listener access to city manager John Mauro, has helped you chart a path though turbulent times.

One informed listener said: “Your broadcasts of the weekly COVID-19 briefings have saved lives.”

We are more than half way through our fund drive, and just over half way to raising our $50,000 goal, and I will ask you to consider a gift in a minute. There is more you need to know before you decide, but if you’d like to cut to the chase, you could donate now.

During the past two years, KPTZ has pressed forward with completing construction of its new studios/offices in historic Building 305 at Fort Worden. KPTZ is the anchor tenant for the visionary Makers Square project. Through pandemic interruptions and disruptions, along with delays related to Fort Worden PDA internal challenges, we are proceeding with the technical build-out of our beautiful space and looking forward to moving there early in 2022. Once we occupy our premises, we shall have 19 years of stability via our favorable lease with Fort Worden PDA.

Your gift now to support our transition to our new home and build our news capacity is critically important.

I believe our service through two years of crises has been crucially important, by providing the information you need and the solace you may achieve by listening to your favorite music DJ. The KPTZ Board of Directors has put a part-time news producer into our current budget, and I am determined to seek funding to make this an ongoing, full-time position. I am confident that you and other listeners who have depended on KPTZ over the past year will respond to our appeal for support.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your support!

Robert Ambrose
President, KPTZ Board of Directors
Host, Rhythm Connection, Tues 1-3

P.S. Last week a generous donor directed his Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) to KPTZ, avoiding income tax and giving its entire value to KPTZ, a 501(c)3 non-profit. We can help you make donations from your assets.