#188 Gina Landon: A New Restaurant Joins the Scene

(Airdate: November 2, 2021) Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Gina Landon, the owner of the Farm & Sea Grill in Port Hadlock. Gina signed the lease on her restaurant-to-be in February 2020 – not realizing that her timing was disastrous. She vowed that COVID-19 was not going to count her out even before she started. The restaurant opened in July 2020. Her not-so-secret weapon was hiring staff who helped create the remarkable community feel of the late, lamented Don’s Pharmacy Lunch Counter. Their friendly chatter is now helping create a warm glow at the Farm & Sea. Summer business was great but now we are in the dark days of winter. Gina’s facing the same problems as all restaurateurs — including staff shortages and supply chain woes. As a new restaurant, every little thing matters. But if pickles are hard to find, she will find them somewhere. She’s determined to succeed!