#187 Sam Rezendes, Uptown Cutlery

(Airdate: October 19, 2021) SAM REZENDES: ONE SHARP YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR. Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sam Rezendes, the owner of Uptown Cutlery, a knife sharpening business that’s upstairs at Aldrich’s uptown. When he was just a kid, Sam’s  parents moved to Port Townsend to open Crossroads Music. Like many small-town kids, Sam dreamed of making it big in the big city. After high school, he went off to chase his dreams – mainly in San Francisco. But the birth of a son and the global pandemic made Sam & his partner reexamine priorities. They moved to Port Townsend and Sam opened his tiny knife sharpening business. It’s a rarity – a business segment that got a big boost from the pandemic. People who never before had the time or interest to become a great cook were suddenly blossoming into impressive chefs. Think about it: your old knives need sharpening and what could make a better gift to your favorite nouveau chef than finely honed new knives?