Our Working Waterfront ~ 4/19

On Our Working Waterfront this month, Chris, Port Commissioner Pam, and Port Director Eron visit with Betsy Davis, Director of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding (NWSWB), and Kevin Ritz, Lead Instructor for the school’s newest program, a six-month intensive course in Marine Systems. The Port and the NWSWB are sharing the exciting news that the School will now have an on-site campus extension right there in the Boatyard. We discuss the importance of apprenticeship and hands-on learning, and Kevin shares some stories about jobs that young student graduates have found with businesses in the Yard. Eron and Pam emphasize the economic value of having this synergy between the NWSWB and the Marine Trades at the Port. Betsy gives us an overview of the application process, scholarships, and financial opportunities for loans and grants that National Accreditation brings.