Compass for 10/3/20

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The Bishop Hotel

Biquette Interiors

New Aldrich’s Owners, Yos, Christa, and Rachel Ligtenberg introduce Nadine’s Kitchen, The Coffee Experience, and Manpuku Sushi

These days, amid the quiet of a pandemic, if you travel down to the corner of Port Townsend’s Tyler and Lawrence Streets, you just may hear a chorus of busy voices accompanied by the rhythm of hammers, whirling drills, and the hum of newly wired coolers. 

It’s all part of a transformed Aldrich’s Market, about to open its doors in mid-October to the curiosity and smiles of neighbors far and wide.  In this, our second installment focusing on the rebirth of a Port Townsend institution, we meet three more special characters coloring the feathers of this Pheonix called Aldrich’s …