Tossed Salad for 5/22/20

In the next-to-last Tossed Salad on KPTZ, host Phil Andrus brings us many discrete, yet wonderful to meld together components to enjoy:
1:00 – Through Science to Health: Lynn Sorensen, RN, BSN
1:30 Chuck Easton, George Radebaugh and Angie Tabor, from Finn River Farm on October 6, 2017
2:15 – Larry Charrier, Southeast Alaska commercial fisherman
2:30 – Hiroya Tsakumoto interview by telephone
2:40 – Hiroya Tsakumoto, solo guitar improvisations, from May 24, 2019
3:15 – Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
3:30 – Tigran Arakelyn, guest music host 
4:30 – Catherine McNabb, reading “Love Never Ends” by Stuart McLean, from April 26, 2019