Tossed Salad for 12/06/2019

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With December in full swing, Phil Andrus brings us a Tossed Salad with early gifts of the season, for your listening enjoyment all Friday afternoon:

1:00Shelly Leavens and Jessica Leventhal, Jefferson County Historical Society; Flavia Heineman and Danny Milholland, Chimacum Arts and Crafts Festival
1:30Courtney Campbell, singer, songwriter and storyteller
2:30Al Bergstein’s epistle, Deb Hammond’s Thanksgiving poem and more
3:00 – Cast members of Key City Public Theatre’s ”Spirit of the Yule”
3:30Lorna Smith and Cynthia Koan, Jefferson County Planning Commission, on shooting range ordinances.
4:00Tigran Arakelyan, Conductor, Port Townsend Symphony Orchestra, with violinist Myroslava Khomik
4:30Don White, reading “A String of Beads” by W. Somerset Maugham