#138 Ken Collins: PUD Commissioner

(First airdate: July 16, 2019) Our Town host Maryanne McNellis, interviews Ken Collins, PUD Commissioner & founder of Marrowstone Vineyards. Ken had wanted to relocate to the Olympic Peninsula for decades, but couldn’t financially swing it until he retired from his first career as a counselor and social worker. After moving to Marrowstone, he says it was probably “misplaced ambition” that got him into the wine business. He worked hard to turn his stunning five acres on Marrowstone Island into a working vineyard. But he’s since sold the vineyard and turned his attention to our Public Utility District (PUD). In addition to his role as Commissioner on the Jefferson County PUD he’s also on the board of the state-wide industry group. He’s pitching hard to get funds to improve internet access in rural Jefferson County.