2019 Fiddle Tunes Warmup

KPTZ continues a 5-week broadcast of Joe McHugh’s “Rosin the Bow” podcast episodes leading up to Centrum’s Fiddle Tunes Workshop in early July. “Rosin the Bow” explores some of the many roles the violin family of instruments play in the world today through a series of public radio programs, podcasts, and a comprehensive oral history archived by the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History. Traveling throughout the United States and other parts of the world, storyteller, fiddler, and award-winning radio journalist Joe McHugh and his wife Paula McHugh seek interviews with a variety of violin makers and musicians. To learn more, visit Tune in on Saturday mornings at 11am Pacific time:
– June 1: Scott Marckx, Port Townsend fiddle maker and player.
– June 9: Erynn Marshall, Canadian old-time fiddler, ethnomusicologist, teacher, and author.
– June 15: Old-tiime fiddler Carl Jones (musical partner of and married to Erynn Marshall)
– June 22: Stringband wizards Greg and Jere Canote
– June 29: Pete Sutherland, New England fiddler and musician