Tossed Salad for 2/01/2019

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The Bishop Hotel

Biquette Interiors

Can you believe it’s February already? Well, Phil Andrus will warm us up at 12:40pm with Can’t Wait for Salad, featuring David Hillman and cast members of One Time Players’ The Cripple of Inishmaan. Thereafter, our warm Tossed Salad gives us:

1:00 – Kristin and Otto, tunes from shoreside
1:45 – Finn Wilcox, Clem Starck, and Red Pine, poets on the loose
2:30 – Jeanie Murphy “Banjo Tunes, Tunings, and Lore”
3:15 – Al Bergstein “Olympic Peninsula Environmental News”
3:45 – Richard and Suzanne Friedrichs, music of West Asia
4:30 – Deborah Kate Hammond reading