Tossed Salad for 12/21/2018

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The Bishop Hotel

Biquette Interiors

What better way to celebrate the Winter Solstice than to spend an afternoon with Phil Andrus and these Tossed Salad guests:

1:00Dawn Martin, a life of music
2:00Cristina Manzoni and Marty Richards, of the Memory Cafe, Time Slips and “Dementia Friendly” programs
2:30John Cantion (St. Vincent de Paul Society) & Jean Hall (PUD Customer Service Manager) discuss poverty, utilities & helping those in need (with Scott Wilson)
3:00Tom Jay, “A Word and a Poem”
3:15Gabriel Diamond
3:45 – Harmonica Pocket: Keeth Apgar, Nala Wala, & Montana Apgar
4:25Heather Dudley Nollette reading My Father’s Chinese Wives” by Sandra Tsing Loh