Tossed Salad for 6/15/18

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Long summer days bring many activities to PT and TS, too. Phil Andrus starts his show at 12:40 with Can’t Wait for Salad, talking with Amanda Milholland about the PT Farmers Market and WIC Distribution. Thereafter, you can enjoy:

1:00 – Julie and David McCulloch, Elevated Ice Cream
1:30 – Chuck Easton, with Ted Enderly on bass
2:15 – Bob Rosen, South County Report
2:45 – Port Commissioner Bill Putney; Gwendolyn Tracy and Pam Petranek of PTMTA; and Scott Wilson
3:30 – Judith-Kate, “Songs from the Sound”
4:15 – Grace Love, soul song and soul food
4:30 – Owen Rowe, reading