Tossed Salad for 5/25/18

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This Friday afternoon, Phil Andrus brings another 3-hour Tossed Salad filled to overflowing with a variety of local talents. The overflow – Can’t Wait for Salad – starts at 12:40, when Amanda Milholland speaks about the Artisan Food Festival scheduled for this Saturday’s Farmers Market.

This is followed by:
1:00 – Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley, waves of bluegrass
2:00 – Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
2:30 – Katie Penhallegon, Sharla Erich, and Julie Edwards, of the Port Townsend Chamber Orchestra
3:00 – John O’Connor, folk singer from coast to coast
3:45 – Debra and George Kay, Quimper Electronic Systems
4:30 – Deborah Kate Hammond, reading work from Ada Limon