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This quirky podcast from KPTZ offers lighthearted tales from near and far, celebrating the absurdity of life on planet earth. Stories from the Midlife Crisis Dance Party air on the station every Thursday afternoon between 3 to 5pm, with your irreverent host Ray Serebrin. 

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  • (December 19, 2022 – Aphorisms for Modern Living) In a world of daily challenges, Ray offers pithy observations that contain a general truth.

  • (December 12, 2022 – The Mystery of the Vinyl Duck) In the seething underworld of Paris, Monsieur Baguette uncovers the harrowing fate of a squishy toy.

  • (December 5, 2022 – Creative Inventors Running Amok) In a world of wild expressionist art, Ray makes an art performance of his own.

  • (November 28, 2022 – Alexa Is Laughing) In a world of scary technology invading our daily lives, Ray offers his enlightened perspective.

  • (November 21, 2022 – Me, Myself, and I) In a world of brilliant possible names, Ray considers changing his to Sponge Ray Normal Pants.