KPTZ’s New Year Message

From Robert Ambrose, KPTZ Board President and DJ Host of The Rhythm Connection

On Monday, December 28, I eagerly tuned into KPTZ at 9:45am because, with the COVID-19 pandemic exponentially growing, I was hoping to hear the reasoned analysis presented by Dr. Locke every week to the Jefferson County Commissioners. But it wasn’t on! Not hearing Dr. Locke as expected was unsettling for me, and perhaps for you and many others, judging from the many calls and emails KPTZ received. There was no pandemic update because the commissioners did not meet due to the holiday, but its noted absence underlined KPTZ’s vital role keeping our community informed during local emergencies. That role is fundamental in our mission.

The past year has been the most disturbing and challenging in our recent history. We at KPTZ believe we provide an essential service for our community, and I am proud of our tiny staff and many volunteers for stepping up to meet pandemic challenges. Through extraordinary dedication, our many program hosts have continually provided you with solace and stimulation, letting everyone know they are not alone during this most lonely, isolated time. Our exceptional volunteer news team has expanded daily local news offerings to every weekday at 12 and 5pm to help keep you informed.

In addition to live public meeting broadcasts like Dr. Locke’s presentations, we present the Port Townsend City Manager every Thursday for your questions. KPTZ also has been steadily increasing its support for many local service organizations, by giving them voice through public service announcements and interviews, and more recently via media partnerships to amplify worthy campaigns and activities.

Notably, despite many challenges, KPTZ is moving forward with its ambitious project to build new studios at Fort Worden. Construction is nearly complete, and so is a lease that will give us stability for at least 19 years. We hope to celebrate moving into our new home by late summer, if indeed vaccinations and rational public behavior are able to quell the pandemic.

We would not have been able to do any of this without your support. Thank you!!

However the pandemic has prevented us from doing normal community radio fund-raising, the perhaps-stale week-long on-air drives that traditionally have provided over 80% of our revenue. That $30,000 hole in our budget now needs to be filled, and I am asking you to please consider making your new year contribution to KPTZ a generous one.

Contributions may be made online at the Donate link above, and we love receiving checks in the mail as well: KPTZ, PO Box 2091, Port Townsend WA 98368. If you are interested in directing an annual distribution or a stock donation to KPTZ, we can describe the tax advantages and help you. Feel free to email me personally.

Thank you immensely for your support.

I hope you and yours are staying safe and well.
With best wishes for a safe and peaceful new year,

Robert Ambrose
President, KPTZ Board of Directors
Host, Rhythm Connection (Tuesdays 1-3pm)

Credit for collage art: Lynn Sorensen, photo by Buzzy Donahue