Goodbye to Beach Rumble

Saturday, September 2 marked the last broadcast of Ruby Fitch’s beloved, long- running Beach Rumble program on KPTZ (Saturdays 4-6pm). Ruby started broadcasting on KPTZ in the very first week after our launch, in 2011. For many years she hosted Beach Rubble, on Thursday mornings. It was one of our most popular programs. She took some breaks away from KPTZ, but came back with new ideas and discoveries. A few years ago Beach Rubble morphed into Beach Rumble on Saturday afternoons. And our listeners followed her.

After a number of years it was time for Ruby to retire Beach Rumble, and step away from weekly broadcasting. Ruby generously allowed us to air more than a year of repeats. Beach Rumble finally had its last broadcast Saturday, September 2. Ruby made a major contribution to the spirit and sound of KPTZ. Her music, her presence, her voice and her intelligence helped identify us and mold us. We cannot thank her enough for that contribution. We look forward to more input from Ruby to KPTZ, in whatever form that takes.

Starting on Saturday, September 9, a new program will take the Saturday 4-6pm program slot – Vortex Four, hosted by Theo. We hope you will like it. It follows very much in the spirit of Ruby’s programs. Read about the program here.