#226 Mom’s Laundromat

(Airdate: August 8, 2023) Maryanne interviews Polly Rogers of Mom’s Laundromat. The now 89-year-old Polly’s had a unique perspective watching Port Townsend grow and change over the years. Back when she was a kid in Port Townsend there was only one school – elementary, middle, and high school were all in one building. Mom’s can sometimes resemble a social club. Polly reports that some customers share all of the details of their personal life while attending to their (literal) dirty laundry. Bartenders and hairdressers hear the same sort of stories. Mom’s is down near the Boat Haven. Customers include maritime tradesmen and crew off everything from fishing boats to luxury craft. Other customers include tourists and locals from every corner of the peninsula. It’s a real-life reality TV show, changing every day!