Our Working Waterfront ~ 5/12/23

The O.L. Elgin on the Hard

Each Month during the noon hour, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker joins his co-hosts, Port Director Eron Berg, and Port of Port Townsend Commissioner Pam Petranek, to bring you news and stories surrounding our vibrant Maritime Community. The fishing fleet is preparing for this upcoming season.  Most boats will be headed to Alaska.  Alaska has the most prolific commercial fishing industry in the United States, producing more harvest volume than all other states combined.  We’re heading out into the Boatyard today on Our Working Waterfront, to catch some of our hauled-out fishing fleet.  We’ll visit with Greg Friedrichs, Captain of the Arminta, Grant Fletcher of fishing tender O.L.Elgin, along with David Griswold from the Shipwright’s Co-Op, and Greg Veitenhans, aboard the Voyager as he preps for the season with helpers and fisherwomen Lauren and Brenna. The attached sound file is an update of the April 14 show.