Community Tides ~ 4/21/23

North of the Chimacum crossroads you can find a beautifully designed multi-use park conceived for our Jefferson County Communities.  It’s called H.J. Carroll Park, and it’s just nine miles south of central Port Townsend, off of Rhody Drive (or State Route 19). A short road from the turn-off opens onto soccer fields, basketball courts, a pavilion, the amazing and innovative JUMP Playground, walking paths, and more…
But also within the bounds of the park, lies the Kul Kai Han Native Plant Demonstration Garden. It’s extensive, beautifully laid out, meditative, educational, and most of all, inspiring. It’s next to the Salmon Shelter where Chimacum Creek flows at the garden’s edge. Here to tell us all about it are Linda Landkammner, the the garden’s original designer and project coordinator, the Garden’s former Co-Director, Robin Nye.