Brewocracy Now ~ 4/27/23

Guests on Brewocracy Now included Officer Kamal Sharif of the Port Townsend Police department, and Suzie Haynes (she is a personal trainer, and her business is called “S cubed” – S3). They were on to talk about the upcoming Bike Rodeo to help teach kids (and adults) about how to ride bikes safely. The Rodeo takes place on May 6 at Blue Heron School, from 8am to 4pm. We also discussed last night’s open house about the golf course, and tonight’s open house (in Chimicum) about the pool.  Check the web page for a list of upcoming events like this.  There are lots of opportunities to provide input. John Mauro also gave us an overview of the new Port Townsend Poet Laureate program. Finally, we discussed once again John’s recent sojourn to the Boston Marathon where he ran consistent 6:40/mile splits and finished in under 3 hours. Congratulations are in order.