Remembering Ray Schroff

One of KPTZ’s founding DJs changed cosmic addresses on March 29: Ray Schroff was among the station’s original crew of disc jockeys starting in May 2011, when KPTZ first began broadcasting ~ initially as the host of Dream City Jukebox and continuing until 2017. More recently he hosted the late night Ethereal Excursions program, exploring contemporary composers, jazz, and ambient music. Ray has always presented music devoted to more than just casual listening. Founding Program Director Larry Stein credits Ray’s important contribution: “Ray was in from the very beginning of KPTZ. His range of knowledge, and appreciation of great music helped set the tone of the station.” Ann Katzenbach, also one of the key KPTZ station founders, says of Ray, “We stand on his shoulders.” All of our condolences go to Ray’s wife Nancesca, and to his family, friends and listeners. 
Photo by Barney Burke,