Heads Up on Local Housing

On Monday evening, March 13, KPTZ presented two recorded half-hour programs addressing the current challenges and lack of housing in our community, hosted by KPTZ News Producer Jim Burke.
Housing Connections, part 1 covered “What Is a Comprehensive Housing Plan and Why Does Port Townsend Need One?” and features Kim Herman, Peggy Webster and Naushard Cader

Housing Connections part 2 discussed “Inclusionary Zoning Myths” will feature Judy AlexanderFred Kimball, and Kim Herman.

On Tuesday, March 14, as part of KPTZ’s Pi Day event, Housing Connections, part 3 was a special live forum to address the challenging housing situation in our area, in an employer-focused panel discussion, moderated and hosted by Phil Andrus. The forum comprised Jake Beattie, Northwest Maritime Center, Linda Rosenbury, PT Schools Superintendent, Buster Ferris, Edensaw Woods, and Chief Bret Black of East Jefferson Fire Rescue.