Musical Fruit, a New Radio Experience

DJ Goodwoman, a high priestess of the forest when she’s not on the waves.

Musical Fruit is an effervescent morning show affirming non-linear, zoot-suit states of mind. DJ Goodwoman plays jump blues, rhythm and soul, chanson, exotica, swing, indie folk (old and new), stirring tunes from whatever genre, and rock ‘n’ roll in all its iterations. Your intrepid host also promises tarot readings, saxophone spotlights, cuts from the weird and wild vault, oddball and/or worldly insights, and interactive toe-dips into the realm of pure imagination. This Thursday, December 1 from 9:30 to 11am, DJ Goodwoman takes off with the premier of Musical Fruit! Then tune in next week, December 8 when DJ Goodwoman gets dreamy with some Chanson and a chance to hear your fortune!