#211 Mary Critchlow, Pickleball Queen

(Airdate: November 1, 2022) Maryanne interviews Mary Critchlow, a driving force behind the spread of pickleball in Port Townsend. Mary’s a lifelong “jock.” In addition to teaching physical education for decades, her hobbies include ice hockey, hiking, skiing, soccer and close to every other active sport available. She’s been a pickleball fan for quite a while. Interestingly, she says it was the Covid era that caused the international lift off of pickleball. It’s an active outdoor sport that can be played by all ages. Grandparents play children or even teenagers. The equipment’s cheap and the rules are pretty simple. The Port Townsend Pickleball Club now has over 200 members. Courts are open at the Port Townsend Courthouse, the Mountain View Campus and even the high school. The sport is also red hot regionally in Sequim and Port Angeles. Even Tom Brady has purchased a team of his own!