10/2-10/8 Fund Drive Features Historic KPTZ Broadcasts from Fort Worden

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Following the major milestone that coincided with the station’s week-long fundraiser, four keynote KPTZ DJ hosts have broadcast live from our new broadcast studio, beginning October 4 with Robert Ambrose, DJ host of Rhythm Connection and Peter Robinson with Out of Nowhere. Robert and Peter will be back there on Tuesday, October 11, to give some trials of the newly installed equipment. Quite an accomplishment!

The 7-day event signifies a huge benchmark, now that KPTZ’s engineers have installed the needed infrastructure to enable these broadcasts. As they showcase our long-awaited migration from the tiny Mountain View Commons building to newly renovated Building 305 at Fort Worden, we turn now to you who listen, asking you to support and sustain KPTZ’s continued home grown radio as a fixture that serves this community.

Moving to the Fort will enable us to add responsibilities to become even more reliably functional ~ this can happen only with enough funding to support this dedicated offering.

The buildout, together with continuing on the air and streaming 24-7 has stretched us all to full tilt capacity ~ especially since the pandemic, when we came up with workarounds so that many of our creative crew could work from home. Even now, the station remains closed to the public due to high COVID-19 transmission rates.

Meanwhile KPTZ continues to grow, serve and entertain! Please contribute what you can towards our $60,000 goal to meet budgeted operating expenses. We very much appreciate you, your listenership, and your support!

Tune in! All of KPTZ’s live shows between October 2 and 8 are devoted to special programming for the week-long fund drive. 
Special Fund Drive Programming Additions:
Wednesday, October 6 Fund Drive Shows
3-3:30pm – DJ host Jerry Osborne joins Taylor Clark to swap stories and play some tunes.
3:30-4pmBroadway Showtime’s Don White shares a fundraising glass!
4-5pmDalana on air with Tim Quackenbush, for some Music to My Ears flair.
Saturday, October 8 Fund Drive Shows
Heads Up! with Jim Burke
9-11am – KPTZ Local News Reporter Casey Dolan joins Jim on air to throw some pitches. 
Johnnys Garage with Jonathan Evison
3-6pm – Jonathan Evison, author of Small WorldLawn Boy, and West of Here, is a record collector and will bring a variety of his favorite music to play on Johnny’s Garage.