Community Tides ~ 7/15/22

On alternate Fridays, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President and CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, meet to explore new developments and new paradigms, as our community emerges from a long period of difficult challenges and creative adaptations. Child care is a very demanding job. Generally, providers earn low wages and the industry itself operates on thin margins. There have been few government subsidies for child care, and no public school for kids under five years of age.  Most parents are pretty much on their own. Child care has been in crisis mode for quite some time in this country. In Jefferson County, we have some exceptionally dedicated folks who are working to help solve this crisis. Two wonderful examples are here today for a discussion about what they and their colleagues are forecasting and doing toward meeting this challenge. Joining us are Dunia Faulx, Executive Director of Population Health, Advocacy and Analytics for Jefferson Health Care, and Kate Dean, Commissioner for Jefferson County’s District One.