Community Tides ~ 06/03

On alternate Fridays, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, connect with special guests to discuss fresh ideas, new paradigms, and the “new normal” as we navigate into the future here in Jefferson County. On today’s show, we’ve gathered a wonderful panel to bring us the good news about affordable housing here in our communities. Joining us are Heather Dudley-Nollette, Director of Development, and Mike Moore, Director of Housing and Asset Management for Bayside Housing & Services; Jaime Maciejewski, Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity East Jefferson County; and from Housing Solutions Network, Carla Main and Steve Moore. There’s a lot happening, and the panel’s here to describe the current dynamic panorama of returns from community investment, involvement, and political will.  Then we talk about the work ahead and how you might want to get involved!