10,000 Heroes: Fighting Woman ~ 3/07, 8-9pm

KPTZ is pleased to present a long excerpt from the Sequim-based podcast 10,000 Heroes. The bi-weekly podcast features one hour interviews with “heroes” in all different walks of life and is hosted and produced by executive coach Ankur Shah Delight.  KPTZ will broadcast the Fighting Woman episode in celebration of Women’s History month on Monday. March 7 from 8-9pm. Classic Jazz will return the following Monday, at its usual time.

Fighting Woman is also known as Pamela Bond, who is a Councilwoman on the Snohomish Tribal Council and the Fish, Wildlife, and Environment Director for the Tribe. She is also the Founder and Co-Director of the community organization Salish Sea Environmental Education and Action. Fighting Woman is a Cultural Educator and Traditional Teacher for the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center, and a Traditional Plant Medicine and Food Specialist. She is also an incredible weaver of cedar bark, makes documentary films, and happens to be legally blind. 

From 10,000 Heroes host & creator, Ankur Shah Delight: “Before sitting down with her, I really wanted Fighting Woman to soothe us with some epic stories. She went much further and challenged me on many levels, including the role of storytelling and the responsibilities of those who hear, those who tell, and those who travel.”