#183 Chris Dahl: Tending Trees, Both Old and Young

(Airdate: August 24, 2021) Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews CHRIS DAHLL, owner of Town & County Tree Experts. Chris grew up on the Olympic Peninsula. He was one of those kids who didn’t exactly have a plan for what he was going to be when he “grew up.” At first he thought he’d be a fireman. But when he was in high school he got a part-time job at Town & Country Tree. He was just a grunt laborer at first. But he found he loved working outside, dealing with nature. He learned on the job until there wasn’t a tree species around that could stump him. In time he was able to purchase the 30-year-old local company. Now Chris has his brother Matt onboard as part of the team. Interestingly, this is one company that positively thrived during the pandemic.