Compass for 7/24/21

A “Good Idea” has taken legs here in Jefferson County – namely, the creation of a dozen transitional Tiny Houses (or Wooden Tents) now occupied by some of our County’s homeless neighbors. It has become a community where its temporary residents can now have an address, a comfortable place to sleep, and doors they can lock behind them. This seminal effort to construct a group of transitional housing units was transformed into a village called Peter’s Place, named after one of the catalysts for the first “Community Build,” Peter Bonyun. Since then, a much bolder undertaking has taken place. With additional expertise, collaboration, relationships and contributions, a new batch of homeless shelters have been constructed, to be placed as a Village called “Pat’s Place,“ within the city limits of the Port Townsend community. On this week’s Compass, we learn more about “big picture’ solutions for the homeless crisis, and about a very special “Open House” on July 31.