#169 Sara Penhallegon

(First airdate: January 26, 2021) SARA PENHALLEGON: ANIMAL RESCUE ANGEL. Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sara Penhallegon, founder & director of Center Valley Animal Rescue. Sara’s passion for saving animals began early: she became a vegetarian at the age of nine. Today the non-profit organization sits on about 30 acres of sprawling hills in center valley. It houses kittens & puppies, cats & dogs, rabbits & gerbils. All sorts of livestock live in one of several barns. A wildlife center houses eagles, cougars, coyotes, whatever. When a herd of starving buffalo was seized by the state, they became residents of Center Valley. Most animals are either released back into the wild or adopted. But there are exceptions. A baby bison was born onsite to a starving mother who couldn’t care for him. Sara & her team stepped in to raise him. Now he’s a permanent resident…a rather large & clumsy “pet.” Then there was the cougar who checked herself into one of the pens one night. There’s always excitement at Center Valley Animal Rescue.