#168 Cherish Cronmiller

(First airdate: January 12, 2021) CHERISH CRONMILLER: LEADING THE CHARGE FOR OLYCAP. Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews Cherish Cronmiller, Executive Director of OlyCAP, the Olympic Peninsula’s umbrella community action organization. Homeless shelters, food banks, energy assistance programs, housing programs, Head Start, Meals on Wheels – these are just some of the programs run by OlyCAP. Soaring unemployment rates and rising forclosures on businesses and homes have put Jefferson County in a precarious situation. Our food banks illustrate the situation. The need is desperate. There are 40-50% more families here now relying on food banks. Schools were helping to feed hungry kids. But the schools are closed. Community action groups are trying to fill the gap. Cronmiller is in the thick of the battle to keep families afloat.