Bayside Housing’s Community Build Project

Part of the volunteer Community Build team, as they completed twelve Tiny Houses.

Everyone needs a safe, decent, and stable place to live. For some of the most vulnerable people in America – people suffering from mental illness, chronic health conditions, trauma, addiction, or just the plain bad luck of circumstance – a simple transitional space to live gives them a chance to breath and regroup.  

As a special Christmas Day broadcast, KPTZ Compass host Chris Bricker spoke with seven key players from the Community Build Project. They’re part of a dedicated group of volunteers who have targeted twelve 8×12 foot wooden structures called “wooden tents” (or Tiny Houses) for Christmas Day as completion date. Chris and the panel discuss the Project’s evolution and the reasons behind this valuable community resource.

All the buildings are now at the new site, which is property owned by Community United Methodist Church in Port Hadlock. The village is called Peter’s Place,  named after the local catalyst for the project, Peter Bonyun.