Uplifting Local Racial Justice Activists

KPTZ supports the Racial Justice Wellness Fund, an initiative to raise funds for the wellness of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color doing racial justice work in Jefferson County. Since George Floyd’s murder, many Black, Indigenous, and People of Color on the Olympic Peninsula have been activated to address racial justice. The stress of this work is high and the social, physical, mental, and institutional barriers are many. This wellness fund empowers racial justice leaders to access trauma-informed support for their well being. In turn, this support contributes to the sustainability of racial justice in our communities. This project runs through December.  

December 15, 2020 Update: Sociologist and educator Tonia Burkett is one of the organizers of the Racial Justice Wellness Fund. She was interviewed by Chris Bricker on KPTZ’s Morning on the Salish on Tuesday, Dec 15. Here’s that interview.