My-My-My-My Corona

Image: WA Department of Health

Reflections about our own experience with COVID-19:

KPTZ DJ host Dick Keenan and his wife, Kate, a public health retiree, share their experience after Dick was diagnosed in August with COVID-19. They recount their surprise at the diagnosis, and why it’s important to know the symptoms of COVID-19 and seek medical advice. In addition, they worked with the Jefferson County Public Health nurses to inform their few contacts, and used technology to trace their whereabouts during the period when Dick may have been the most likely to spread the infection. Dick experienced a very mild infection and Kate tested negative, as did all their contacts.  

While it takes a particular constellation of circumstances to become infected, we’re reminded that continued adherence to public health practices to keep us all safer through the winter, is worth the effort. 

On Monday November 16, at 5:40pm, tune in to learn more about the Coronavirus pandemic, in this informative rebroadcast of reflections about this personal experience with COVID-19.