Compass for 10/24/20

Spurred on by an unprecedented attempt by a sitting president to cast doubt on the validity of a national election, voters in record numbers across the country have been casting their ballots early, with Democrats outnumbering Republicans by 14 points thus far. And despite the fact that Donald Trump has repeatedly warned (with absolutely no evidence) that mail-in ballots such as those that have been in use in Washington state for years – and which stand as the obvious safe alternative to in-person voting in a time of pandemic – are inherently corrupt and prone to fraud, turnout has been especially high in the state, and higher than the state average in Jefferson County, where an astounding 56 percent of registered voters had already cast their ballots as of five pm last Friday afternoon.

Back in August we talked with Jefferson County Auditor Rose Ann Carroll and Elections Coordinator Quinn Grewell about how the integrity of our mail-in elections is assured. This week on the Compass we reprise that conversation.

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