Community Tides ~ 10/9

Explore new developments, new paradigms, and the new normal facing Jefferson County, with KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of the Jefferson Community Foundation.

This week on Community Tides, Chris and Siobhan speak with Sarah Rubenstein, Communications and Outreach Director for Port Townsend Schools. She’s also an integral part of the Maritime Schools Initiative.

We feel different today than we did six months ago. Parents, students, administrators, teachers and schools have faced a thousand choices and myriad changes.  Sarah discusses the planning and developments that have taken place over this time, the social and emotional aspects of it all, and the programs in place that support in the school system and its students throughout Jefferson County.

Siobhan talks about the Foundation’s involvement in this process, and she asks Sarah about how the general community can become engaged, including those in their own risk category and not able to become directly involved in helping our students.

Good news from the Foundation!  Due to a substantial anonymous donation, there will be a new round of funding from the COVID Response Fund.  Any non-profit or public-serving entity is welcome to submit funding proposals to the Foundation.