KPTZ 2.0

Dear Friends,

Our plan to build a new home for KPTZ in Ft. Worden’s historic Building 305 is becoming a reality, as we have made great progress in raising the necessary funds. A tremendous $500,000 challenge grant from Sage Foundation has supercharged our fundraising campaign. Combined with leadership donations and an astounding new gift of $100,000, we are now at approximately 65% of our ±$1 million goal.

Tomorrow KPTZ presents “Love is Alive,” a full broadcast day of live music and interviews. Falling on Valentines Day, we are asking listeners who love KPTZ to support our new home dream with a gift.

It’s a once-in-a-generation project to Build a New Home for KPTZ, and “Love is Alive” is not a normal pledge drive to keep our lights on. We ask you to consider making a one-time significant gift to our building fund – a gift that will be tripled by the Sage grant. Significant means it is significant to you, whatever the dollar amount. Giving $100 is as significant for many as giving $100,000 is for a few.

I thought deliberately about my contribution to this campaign because I am on a fixed income. Having been involved with community radio for decades, I am aware of certain funding statistics in public radio including that for capital projects, contributing listeners on average give 5-10 times their normal annual pledge drive contribution. I decided to use that range to guide my gift, and that because I think KPTZ is an extraordinary community station I would give at the higher level, tripling its impact with the Sage grant incentive.

We are thankful for all contributions to fund KPTZ’s new home because every gift given through love of KPTZ is significant. If you would like more information before deciding on your gift, we would be pleased to meet or talk with you.

It is possible to make a gift through the KPTZ website, yet frankly it would be better to deliver or send a check. Service fees deducted from credit card donations subtract from the gift, and in this circumstance the loss is tripled because of lost match potential.

Certainly we are open to receiving your gift in creative ways that are best for you. All donations to KPTZ are tax deductible, and now we are able to accept stocks, other securities and IRA distributions, which provides notable tax benefits to a donor. If you would like to pledge a gift amount to be spread through the next year, we would be delighted to arrange it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal. Please stop by KPTZ tomorrow or any day, or call / write us if you would like to talk about making your gift. We hope you will tune into 91.9FM or stream at to enjoy the 15 hours of special programming we have planned for tomorrow, celebrating Love Is Alive!

Best wishes,

Robert Ambrose
President, KPTZ Board of Directors
Host, Rhythm Connection, Tues 1-3