KPTZ’s 1st Ever Sports Broadcast ~ What a Game!

The KPTZ Remote Crew Keep It Easy from above Memorial Field’s 50-yard line at Friday night’s awesome face off between the Port Townsend High Redhawks and the Chimacum Cowboys. (l-r: Remote lead Mike Carroll, DJ hosts Peter Robinson and Kurt Munnich, and co-announcer Matt Orr)

This rivalry football game between the Cowboys of Chimacum and the Redhawks of Port Townsend was exciting from start to finish. With only a breath of time left on the game clock, the Redhawks found the end zone for a 24 to 22 victory over the Cowboys. 

The Redhawks, who took possession of the ball following a Chimacum touchdown, used its powerful ground game to move the ball to the one-yard line, only to have a penalty move the ball back to the six. Mere seconds remained on the game clock. PT had to hustle into position to get one last play off before time ran out. Quarterback Noa Montoya took the snap and threw a quick pass to running back Dylan Tracer near the right sideline. Under extreme duress from Chimacum’s charging defense, Dylan lofted a short pass over the defense to an open Josh Davis in the end zone. Zeros on the game clock! Game over. PT wins! The Cowboys’ 22 to 18 lead had become a 24 to 22 victory for the Redhawks. Pandemonium ruled the stands, including our three KPTZ announcers. The fact that the play was drawn up on the fly by Noa and Dylan greatly adds to the legendary status of this truly great game! We’ll be back next year for another evening of high school football excitement.