A Joyful Cry – Brazil’s Choro Music

KPTZ announces a 4-week radio series on the history of Brazil’s Choro music. The show, A Joyful Cry: Brazil’s Choro Music was produced by WFMT Radio Network out of Chicago, and is hosted by Chicago flautist Julie Koidin and Brazilian musician Geraldo de Oliveira. It is presented in four one-hour segments documenting the history of this music – the first truly Brazilian music – that predates samba and Bossa Nova. Air dates are Saturdays from 11am to noon:

#1 – The History of Choro to the Present Day – 4/06
#2 – Choro and Classical Music – 4/13
#3 – The Brass and Woodwind Virtuosos of Choro – 4/20
#4- The String Players of Choro – 4/27

This show dovetails with the 10th annual Centrum Choro workshop.